About me


Hey there! As you probably already know, my name's Julia, and I am passionate about simply creating. For as long as I can remember, I have gravitated toward all things visual, whether it was doodling/sketching, painting, taking photos, scrapbooking, or making "movies" on the computer. It is a God-given passion that I will always aim to use to the fullest in my life.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed with so many opportunities to explore my passions and sharpen my skills. I love design because it is all around us - we see it everyday, but for all the good design that is out there, there is just as much (if not more) really bad design, and I’m on a mission to put as much good design out into the world as possible! I love taking a project from concept to completion. It fuels me to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

I am a proud native Texan (Go Rangers!) now living in the great state of Alabama (War Eagle!) with my amazing husband, Judah. We are adventure seekers, coffee drinkers, music makers, and movie geekers.